The Evangelical Covenant Church was established in 1885. It was founded on the desire to follow the leading of the historical Christian Reformation, the Lutheran Church of Sweden, and the great spiritual awakening of the 19th century. Swedish immigrants who came to the United States desired to have a church body that returned to the focus of a daily, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

There has always been an intense interest in home and foreign missionary efforts that led to the establishing of multiple Sunday School programs and mission fields that over the years became Covenant Churches themselves. Foreign missionary efforts led to the beginning of Covenant Churches in numerous fields with leadership of these churches being turned over to the nationals of the land in which they were built. As a result, the Evangelical Covenant Church is spread over the globe with thousands of members in the Congo , the Central African Republic , Japan , Columbia , Ecuador , Germany , Spain , Thailand , and Mexico . The Congolese Evangelical Covenant Church has grown to out number the Evangelical Covenant Church in America and Canada.

To properly train and equip leaders in the church, a theological school was established in 1892 in Minneapolis , MN . A short time later, it relocated to Chicago , IL ; the home of the headquarters for the Covenant Church and was named North Park Academy , which is now North Park University . It houses under-graduate and graduate school in education, music, nursing, business, as well as North Park Theological Seminary, the graduate school for pastors and leaders in the church.

The Evangelical Covenant Church has congregations in forty of the fifty states and five Canadian provinces. Each congregation, while having very individual styles, share the common bond of the denomination and the unity of being part of the larger world-wide body of Christ. Here in Crookston , MN , we are in our 118th year of ministry as a congregation. We focus on who we are in Jesus Christ and on what we can do in service to our community in his name.

Evangelical Covenant Church